Testimonials (Dr. Ayani Pandey)



Visited for RCT - Root Canal Treatment, Cosmetic/ Aesthetic Dentistry

I recently visited Bhopal dental for my root canal. I was amazed with the atmosphere of clinic and expertized hand of doctor. Dr told me the different technique's of doing the desired treatment and I opted for single visit root canal treatment. I was really surprised to see how a technology has change in past few years. Only single visit treatments are also available. After visiting Bhopal Dental my fear for dental treatment has gone...he he.. Thanks doctor for the treatment. I will strongly recommend all patients to at least once visit this clinic with yr problems..



I visited Bhopal Dental as my child fall on a bamboo stick and his front tooth got broken and he started felling severe senstivity on the eve of ganesh chaturthi. Dr. Ayani Pandey then took an digitalalized xray and then she explained me in detail about the situation and the best possible treatment options. And on the same day Dr treated my son and build my sons front tooth as before and the sensitivity problem was also resolved. I will strongly recommend you all to visit Bhopal Dental with your dental problems. Drs are very friendly and knowledgeable.


Mr. Amitabh Dubey. (AGM BHEL Bhopal)

Dr.Ayani Pandey is a highly skilled Dentist. After getting myself treated by her, I could appreciate that she is fully adept and well versed with the latest techniques in Dentistry. I had a lot of fear to get my Root Canal done. But Dr. Ayani is such a great support and she did my Root Canal so deftly that I never felt even slightest of the pain during the procedure. I would say she is a real Magician Dentist and wish her lot of Good Luck for the future.


Vipin r gaur

Dr. Ayani has done my re root canalning in one tooth. I was in a discomfort because of one tooth which I got root canaled from another doctor but the pain was there. Then I visited Bhopal dental and here Dr. Ayani treated it and the pain is gone now. Thanks doctor...


Chandra prabha sharma

I visited Bhopal dental for my teeth cleaning and whitening. I m fully satisfied with the treatment provide by the doctors. I will suggest all peoples to come with your dental problems at Bhopal dental for best treatment. Very pleasant environment and highly advanced technology is been used at this clinic.. Thanks Dr sahab....


Dinesh Khambia

Visited for Dental Fillings

She is clear my problem with very smooth & perfect with out any pain. Her nature and treatment is very good.


Mr. Rajeev K Dalela

Visited for Toothache

Its very well equipped hospital, they fulfill all the requirements of sanitation. and hygiene, maintain punctually, decipline. Patients are treated very politely.


Anshul Shrivastava

Visited for Cavities

Very courteous in nature, and detailed brief of the problems explained before treatment. Top of the line technology in the centre.


Vaibhav Ramteke

Visited for Tooth Extraction

Good Extraction with less pain and proper guidance. Doctor has given idea about extraction and given proper rest and feedback whenever needed.



I visited a dentist first time in my life and was feeling very scary, but the doctors at bhopal dental were so caring and elaborative regarding my treatment that my fear to a dentist was vanished in my first visit only. I will recommend Bhopal Dental and Doctors strongly... Thanku.....



I visited Bhopal dental last month as my upper two teeth were mobile. Dr Ayani then explained me the position of my tooth in detail. Rct was done in my two teeth and within one month my teeth mobility was reduced. I strongly recommend Bhopal Dental to all.. Thanku dr..


AK Pandey

Clinic has a luxurious and homly environment. It was very relaxing to wait in well seated waiting lounge. The treatment experience was also confertable,peaceful and without feeling any inconvenience to me. l strongly recommend BHOPAL DENTAL for best dental care.


Sachin gour

Visited for Scaling /Polishing

Experience was good, doctors are very polite, my RCT was done very comfortably with in 2sittings I got my crown also. I fully recommend others to visit Bhopal Dental.


Rohit gour

Visited for Fixed Partial Denture (FPD)

Dr. Ayani performed single sitting root canal treatment in my molar teeth without any pain. And I got my filling also done on the same day. Thank you Dr. Ayani you treated my tooth wonderfully. I will recommend her for all you guys.....



Visited for Dental Fillings

I underwent root canaling, filling and teeth whitening at Bhopal dental from Dr. Ayani. Dr has a nice hand and treatment provided was very comfortable. Single sitting rct is time consuming and painless. Thanks...


Rahul u

Visited Bhopal Dental for my single visit root canal treatment. Painless and Hassel free very classy clinic. Dr. Ayani made my confusions clear about the treatment. Very good....



Visited for Dental Fillings

Very nicely done my treatment. I went to bhopal dental clinic for filling and Dr? Ayani did it wonderfully. Thanks doc....


Aishwarya Chandrasekhar

Visited for Toothache

I am extremely happy. Would recommend definitely. She completed 4 root canals, polishing /scaling very successfully. I am satisfied . She's patient and sensitive to patient S problems.


Uttra tripathi

Stupendofantasticallymagical experience. It was an immense pleasure to get guidance of such wonderful doctors. Bhopal Dental #best.. dental clinic of bhopal.



Doctor are very polite, n calm. Understood my complain very nicely and thereafter treated me very nicely. Overall experience of mine at Bhopal Dental was comfortable. I would recommend peoples to visit with there dental problems here....



Good environment excellent HiFi setup. Overall experience very good....



Very nice service by doctors of bhopal dental hopital.



Satisfied with dental treatment provided.. Thanku Dr....


Mrs. Sushma chauhan

Fully satisfied with the treatment.


Rahul b

Very nice setup nice drs excellent treatment.



Very nice clinic drs are very good...