Tooth Jewellery

Tooth jewelry adds flair to any outfit and occasion through its many colors, sizes, and even shapes. DecoDent provides small custom made crystals from BrilliAnce in three colors: crystal clear, sapphire blue, and ruby red, and some cheaper “rainbow crystals” with a wider variety of colors including amethyst, fire opal, rainbow, and rose. The company also provides different shapes for the crystals and even white or yellow gold overlay, giving their customers the option to add their favorite zodiac symbol or animal to their pearly whites. The cut of the crystals themselves are faceted with a reflective coating on the back to create a diamond beautiful sparkle that never fades, leaving customers with a dazzling smile.

“Tooth jewelry isn’t that different in concept than decorative tattoos,” Matthews says, “except it has the added advantage of being removable if need be.”